myCodes Pro 1.2.4

An electronic safe for all your private data

myCodes Pro protects secret numbers, credit card data, private phone numbers and passwords against unauthorized access, keeping all your sensitive data in a kind of virtual safe.

Only those who know the correct password can access your personal information. Its features include:

Your most important information at a glance:

myCodes Pro manages your important data, keeping it categorized and secure.

You can manage as many different safes as you need, allowing you to separate your private or business data. For each safe you decide if you need a secured or open safe.

There is also the option to protect your most important information with a password. To help you locate your data quickly each record is available in the quick view.

Organize you data:

Order and sort your records into different categories. Each category has a card (template) assigned to it which defines the type and number of input fields use to enter data.

myCodes also makes extensive use of images which are easier to remember than words, as well as allowing you to assign icons to your categories.

Comfortable and easy data entry:

Nearly no limitations are set. You have up to twenty input fields to define your cards. Upon entering data, myCodes Pro proposes categories and cards but these can be changed if needed.



myCodes Pro 1.2.4